Woman throws up after finding fat 'maggot' in fried rice from Holland Close stall

Submitted by Stomper Mj

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Stomper MJ found what she identified as a maggot in her fried rice from a 'zi char' stall at Block 6 Holland Close on Sunday evening (Oct 14), at around 7.15pm.

She said her son had purchased two takeaway boxes of seafood sambal fried rice for $6 each.

The worm, already dead, was found in one box of rice.

MJ told Stomp that she had taken two mouthfuls of rice and was filling up her spoon for the third mouth when she made the discovery.

She said: "The finding was extremely disgusting and it caused me to throw up.

"I am a nursing mum of a two-month-old infant. As we all are aware, maggot-infested food can cause bacterial poisoning. I just cannot imagine if I had consumed the entire portion and accidentally chewed or swallowed the maggot.

"This could have proven to be a huge complication for me and my baby in the event that I have to consult a doctor or temporarily cease to breastfeed.

"I was terribly traumatised after seeing the maggot in my food and I could not stomach to eat anything else after that."

In a phone interview, MJ also said that she visited a doctor the following day (Oct 15) after experiencing nausea and disorientation.

"This issue needs to be brought to the attention of the public and any relevant authorities," she added.

"Scenarios as such should never occur in hawker or food centres even when they are serving food at reasonable prices to its consumers.

"Food should always be hygienic and carefully prepared. Food contamination is not a joke and public health is not to be taken for granted.

"Please value and respect consumers."