Woman tends to plants on ledge of Ang Mo Kio HDB block, 10 storeys above ground and in the rain

Submitted by Stomper Fazeli

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A woman was seen tending to some plants ten storeys above ground, on a ledge of Block 207 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, while it was raining.

Stomper Fazeli was walking towards his kitchen when he looked out a window and saw the woman, directly opposite from his block, at about 11.53am on Tuesday (July 23).

He shared a video and several photos with Stomp of what he saw.

From the video, the woman can be seen tending to the plants in the midst of rain.

It is unclear how the woman managed to get onto the ledge.

Fazeli said that the woman was still on the ledge when he went downstairs at about 12.25pm.

He told Stomp: "It was so dangerous. The ledge must be very slippery with the rain.

"She doesn't even have a harness or a restraint to prevent her from falling.

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