Woman taunts man to hit her -- so he really does, in most bizarre fight ever at Hougang

Submitted by Stomper Reaz, Lim

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A couple engaged in the strangest fight ever at a coffee shop at Block 684, Hougang Avenue 8 yesterday (March 31) at around midnight.

A video of the incident was uploaded by Facebook user Andy Tang, and has already garnered over 400,000 views and almost 8,000 shares.

Several Stompers had also alerted Stomp to the video, in which a series of bizarre things happened (story continues below):

  • The woman repeatedly taunted the man to hit her: "Hit me once, come"

  • She also said multiple times: "Singaporean, can or not?"

  • The man mentioned breaking up

  • He then stripped off his shirt with the woman's help

  • The man slapped the woman in the face

  • The woman fell onto the ground -- seven seconds after she was slapped

  • An audience clapped and cheered

  • The woman rolled on the ground and lay there

  • Another woman half-heartedly hit the topless man

  • Loud wails can be heard from the first woman, who was still lying on the ground

  • While sobbing on the ground, the woman used her handphone

  • The topless man climbed over a railing and appeared to leave the scene

Netizens were also more amused than anything over the scuffle:

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to a case of voluntarily causing hurt at 12.33am.

"The parties involved were advised on their legal recourse," the police told Stomp.