Woman takes video of couple and scolds them for sitting on Reserved Seat, but gets slammed by netizens

A video of a woman criticising a man sitting on an MRT Reserved Seat has been circulating on Facebook.

In the video shared on Must See Singapura News’s Facebook page, the woman, who appeared to be carrying a child, could be heard saying:

“Don’t understand what is Reserved Seating.

“He understands what pregnancy is, he understands what his mum and baby is, but he doesn’t understand what is the Reserved Seating for.

“This idiot.

“This last over here.

“Look at the stupid boyfriend.“

Next, the woman turned her attention to the man’s female companion.

“Pity you lah.

“So pretty, (still) get this kind of boyfriend.”

A girl could be heard asking the woman why she couldn’t have a seat.

The woman then replied that the it was due to the ‘stupid uncle’.

This idiot here, she emphasised while zooming in on the man’s face. 

The video ends abruptly after.

It is unclear when or where the incident happened.

The video has caused dissent among many netizens.

A Facebook user commented:

"Okay that reserved sitting picture indicates 'elderly, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and child on a parents lap', but however sometimes I would like to think does that mean that a small kid who might be able to stand for a longer period deserve that Reserved Seat?

"You see we are all humans.

"If you want to bash someone just because of that Reserved Seat, I have seen some bunch of 'idiot parents' who rush into the train, not to mention pushing the people around to let their kids sit while they stand up.

"Plus there are some occasions, people of the indicated group don't get the Reserve Seat, due to 'idiot parents'. 

"Now let's ask ourselves, we have so much time to record a video and bash someone on media but we can't educate our child basic courtesy.

"So much of media attention."

Another netizen even questioned her the woman's agenda, saying:

"A typical case of a petty Singaporean.

"She was a pregnant lady with four kids together with her husband, mother, and her helper in the train.

"She already got herself the Reserved Seat right opposite this guy when she recorded this video.

"So the moment, the couple alighted, her husband took up the reserved seat and she even raised her voice slightly at her helper for not being fast enough to get the seats in the train.

"So what's her intention of recording this video?"


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