Woman taken to hospital after car hits another car and crashes into tree in AMK carpark

Submitted by Stomper C

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A woman was taken to hospital after two cars were involved in an accident in Ang Mo Kio on Friday (Dec 9).

Photos shared by Stomper C show a white car having gone over a kerb with the front of the vehicle against a tree.

A silver car can be seen near the white car.

The Stomper said: "I saw the white car suddenly going very fast before hitting the silver car and crashing into the tree.

"A loud bang was heard."

She added: "The other affected driver immediately came out to take photos."

In response to a Stomp query, police said they were alerted to an accident involving two cars in the open carpark of Block 411 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 at 6.46pm.

They added that a 58-year-old female passenger was conscious when taken to the hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.