Woman surprised to open clams and find 'free baby crabs': 'It's like buying one-for-one seafood'

Submitted by Stomper Arynna

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She thought she just bought clams.

But they came with a baby bonus. More than one, in fact.

Sharing photos of the mini crustaceans in the mollusks on Feb 21, Stomper Arynna said: "The clams we bought today have lots of baby crabs in them! 

"This is our first encounter with this. Has anyone had a similar experience before?

"It's like buying one-for-one seafood. I bought clams but got free baby crabs.

"Well, apparently, they are parasites found in clams."

The "baby crabs" are likely pea crabs, so-called because of their size.

The Stomper was right to call them parasites as they live in other shellfish such as oysters, mussels and clams.

In November, someone posted on Reddit a photo of a pea crab found in his laksa. The pea crab likely came from a cockle, a common ingredient in laksa.

While seeing one in your food might ruin your appetite, pea crabs are actually edible.

So the Stomper was also right that she bought one seafood and got another free.

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