Woman suddenly dashes in front of moving car along Lorong Lew Lian

A woman was caught on camera running in front of a moving car along Lorong Lew Lian.

According the timestamp of the video of what happened posted on All Singapore Stuff, the incident took place on July 23 at around 11pm.

In the video, the driver who recorded the bizarre episode can be first seen driving along Lorong Liew Lian.

The woman then came into view as the car travelled past Jalan Chermat. She was on the pavement beside the road with a male companion.

As the driver was approaching the duo, the woman suddenly ran a few steps onto the road, blocking the car. Her companion then caught hold of her arm, and she fell.

The driver had to jam on his brakes to avoid an accident. There was a baby on board the car, and he or she can be heard crying thereafter.

The woman lay on the road for a few seconds, before getting up and leaving with her partner.

The reason for her questionable act is unclear.