Woman stunned by long lines outside Admiralty Place KFC, finds out what everyone was queueing for

Submitted by Stomper CT

Stomper CT was at Admiralty Place Shopping Centre yesterday (Jun 6) at around 7pm, when she came across snaking queues outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet there. 

Puzzled by the long line of people, a passerby asked CT if KFC was having some sort of specialty promotion, to which CT replied that she was not aware. 

CT decided to join the queue, and to her surprise, found out that many of the patrons were eyeing the same thing on the menu -- the Curry Crunch Chicken. 

She queued for more than 20 minutes before getting her orders.

When asked if the wait was worth it, CT said:

"The curry flavour is quite nice. The spice really adds a kick to the taste.

"I don’t why the queue is this long though. Maybe this branch’s curry is exceptionally ’power’."

CT added that she will definitely come back for more. 

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