Woman spends 2 years to complete biography for ex-BF who died at 25 from heart condition

A woman spent two years completing a biography of her late ex-boyfriend who died at age 25 from a heart condition. 

Pragash Daniel Selvakumar was diagnosed with the tetralogy of Fallot from birth, a kind of heart defect which results in the low oxygenation of blood.

Although his conditions were always at risk of worsening, friends describe him as an optimistic individual who did not shy away from challenges. 

He died at age 25 on Oct 10, 2015, reports Lianhe Wanbao

Mr Pragash’s best friend and ex-girlfriend, Ms Clara Lock then spent the next two years completing his biography. 

At the launch of ‘Stay Gold’ on Sunday (Jun 3), the 28-year-old author revealed that she had started planning the autobiography even before the Mr Pragash’s passing.

More than 200 of Mr Pragash’s closest friends and family members attended the launch at Singapore Management University (SMU). 

Mr Pragash’s sister, on behalf of the family also thanked her late brother’s friends for being there to support him, and expressed gratitude to Ms Lock for completing the book.

She said:

“The book records my brother’s entire life journey as well as our memories of him.”

Ms Lock said:

“Daniel said that he wanted to prove to others that even if one is sick, he can contribute towards society.

“We originally intended to write the ‘Stay Gold’ together but I didn’t expect him to just pass away so suddenly.”

To fulfill the last wish of her ex-boyfriend, Ms Lock interviewed more than 50 of Mr Pragash’s friends and relatives to hear what they have to say about him, and how he had impacted their lives.

She said that through his story, she hopes to inspire more to live their lives to the fullest, adding:

“A lot of people live to a ripe old age but never pursued their dreams in their lifetime.

“Although Daniel only lived to 25, his journey, though short was fulfilling and exciting.

“He helped many people too.”

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