Woman slaps and scratches female shopper in Chinatown -- for stopping while walking

A female shopper was assaulted by a woman at a bread shop along Keong Saik Road last Saturday (Oct 21), at around 9.40am.

The victim, Ms Zhang, 39, told Shin Min Daily News that she was walking towards Keong Saik Road, and stopped to check for the address of the bread shop on her phone’s Global Positioning System (GPS). 

She said:

“I heard someone scolding me from the back.

“I turned around to see a woman in her 50s scolding me as she walked. 

“She had almost knocked into me when I stopped and was unhappy.”

Although Ms Zhang tried ignoring her, the woman followed her to the bread shop, hurling vulgarities and insults during the walk.  

Ms Zhang continued:

“I tried not to get involved but she kept taunting me.

“She said I was deaf and started pointing at me.”

At her breaking point, Ms Zhang asked the woman to stop, only to be slapped on the left side of her face.

She then walked towards the exit.

Ms Zhang added:

“I was stunned.

“After I regained my senses, I ran up to her and grabbed her collar to stop her from leaving.

“She struggled free and even scratched me on my right arm, leaving four scratch marks.

“One of my fingers was also injured in the scuffle.”

According to Ms Zhang, her assailant left after the attack.

Ms Zhang then asked the shop owner to call the police and lodged a report at the station. 

She lamented:

“It was the first time I’ve come here to get bread for my children.

“I didn’t expect to get caught up in such an unfortunate situation.”

In response to media queries, a police spokesman has confirmed the incident and said that investigation was ongoing. 

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