Woman slams Merc driver for leaving dog in car at IKEA Alexandra carpark

A woman took to Facebook to slam a Mercedes Benz driver who left a dog inside the car after parking at IKEA Alexandra.

The woman, Lorraine Tan, posted a photo on the Parking Idiots Singapore Facebook page showing a dog inside the parked car.

She said that the incident occurred on Sunday (July 2), at 11.15am.

"Never leave your dog in the car! The car heats up fast and your dog can suffer a heatstroke," said Lorraine in her post.

She also thanked the staff of IKEA Alexandra for making an announcement to call for the owner.

The post sparked responses from netizens, some of whom sided with her and others who did not.

A few of the commenters said that it is unclear if the driver left the window open for the dog.

However, others said that the dog would feel warm even if the window was wound down. 

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