Woman shocked by Redmart delivery: Bathroom cleaner spilled onto food items packed together

Submitted by Stomper Sor Hong

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A woman who ordered household items from Redmart was shocked when she found bathroom cleaner had leaked and was packed together with food items.

Stomper Sor Hong said she received her delivery on Monday (Mar 13) at about 4.30pm and found that Clorox bleach and bathroom cleaner had been packed together with kitchen items like flour and kelp.

"I am shocked as the bathroom cleaner had leaked, and made the box wet and torn," she said.

"There was bathroom cleaner on my hands when I tried to pick up the items.

"Isn't there supposed to be food hygiene guidelines by law as to hygiene and safety?

"I'm shocked.

"The delivery man did not even wait for me to open the sealed box as he said he was busy.

"I got the shock of my life when I cut open the box!

"Even the freezer bag was unsealed and open.

"What's happening? Are there other consumers who suffered like this too?"

She has since reported the issue to Redmart.