Woman sees man eating and resting in nursing room at Changi Airport Terminal 3: 'This is just plain rude'

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Nursing rooms are a haven for mothers of young babies who need a private and safe space to nurse or change diapers.

However, one mother was sorely disappointed after visiting some nursing rooms at Changi Airport to pump breast milk.

The Stomper told Stomp that the ones she visited at Terminal 3 were 'dirty'.

"The cushions of the nursing rooms are faulty as well.

"They are falling off and clearly not maintained.

"You can see leftover stains from food in the rooms which are supposed to be clear for nursing since it's for babies who are 'eating'.

"It's proven not to be as clean as we imagined."

On top of the cleanliness and purported lack of maintenance, the Stomper was shocked when she saw a man in one of the nursing rooms on Mar 23.

"This man was in one nursing room with the doors closed, eating his lunch, resting and I don't know what," she said.

"This is just plain rude.

"Why is no one respecting mothers who need space to nurse?

"The doors made the environment very unsafe for mothers."

"As I am typing this, someone is outside clearing his throat and nose into the sink of the nursing room.

"Clearly not using the room for its main purposes. 

"Why, are nursing rooms not treated well and not maintained?

"I hope that Changi Airport, being the best airport in the world could do something about its nursing rooms.

"And for the rest of the males out there, to really respect the females."

Stomp has reached out Changi Airport Group for comment.