Woman sees letterbox door left unlocked at Teban Gardens block

Submitted by Stomper Patricia

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Stomper Patricia noticed that the masterdoor of letterboxes at Block 63 Teban Gardens Road had been left unlocked last Tuesday afternoon (Sep 3).

She said she was passing by the block at around 4.25pm when she saw the open door.

Patricia told Stomp: "When I came across this letterbox, the first thing I thought was, 'Wth?'

"I thought the postman was giving out letters and walked over to take a look, but there was no postman around at that time, so I decided to take pictures."

In response to a Stomp query, a SingPost spokesman thanked Patricia for her feedback and added: "We were alerted to the incident at 8.43pm the same day.

"A staff member was immediately deployed to the location to lock the door.

"Should members of the public encounter any postal issues, they can contact us via our 1605 hotline and we will attend to it speedily."

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