Woman screams while blocking and kowtow-ing to cars at Aljunied

In a bizarre occurrence, a woman walked onto a road at Aljunied, blocking vehicles and even kowtow-ing to the drivers. 

The incident happened along a road near Block 113, Aljunied Avenue 2, on Tuesday (Aug 22) at around 8.30pm. 

A passer-by told Shin Min Daily News that the women started kowtow-ing on a pedestrian crossing, before standing up to block vehicles from moving forward. 

She said:

“The woman first asked an auntie passing by if she had seen a little girl.

“After the auntie told her that she hadn’t, the woman suddenly knelt and screamed that someone framed her.”

According to the witness, a motorist who was passing through stopped his vehicle and got out of his car in response to the debacle.

The woman started kowtow-ing to him. 

Another witness, a worker from a nearby book store, told reporters that the woman stalled at least six vehicles, and the process lasted for nearly 20 minutes. 

He added:

“There were around 15 people who were present, but we didn’t approach her as we were worried that she might be emotionally unstable.

“One of the passers-by called the police.”