Woman scared at first to see otters in Yishun, but it was 'pleasant looking at them walk as a family'

Submitted by Stomper Vivetha

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Some people hate the critters for eating their prized koi. Some have been frightened by the animal.

But others find them otter-ly cute.

For Stomper Vivetha, initial fear turned into... pleasantness.

She spotted a group of eight otters at the Khatib Bongsu Park Connector in Yishun on Monday morning (Nov 7) and took a video of them scurrying along the path.

The Stomper said it was the first time she saw them in the area, adding: "I felt scared at first, but it was pleasant looking at them walk as a family."

Here is what NParks says you should do when you encounter otters:

  • DO NOT touch, chase or corner the otters. Observe them from a distance. Going too close to the otters may frighten them.
  • DO NOT talk loudly and do not use flash photography. Noise and light may scare and provoke the otters.
  • DO NOT feed the otters. The otters have their own food in the environment and their natural eating habits keep the ecosystem healthy.
  • DO NOT litter or leave sharp objects in the water. Clean and safe waterways filled with fish and aquatic life make good habitats for the otters to frolic and feed in.
  • DO keep your dog on a tight leash. Your dog might chase the otters and frighten them, and keeping your dog on a tight leash will help to keep it safe.
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