Woman rushes to use ATM in Malaysia as shutters come down, ends up trapped

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Mar 7, 2024

We have all watched Hollywood action heroes slide under closing shutters countless times. Mentally, we all think we know what to do should we find ourselves in such a pickle.

However, what a woman in Malaysia could have pictured herself doing did not pan out as planned when the time came.

A Malaysian woman arrived at a bank's vestibule just before the clock struck midnight – the time the automatic shutter would come down.

In a video shared by TikTok user AaronAlwyn (_mxfir95_), the woman is seen trying to hurry the machine.

Unfortunately, after the ATM dispensed cash, she can be seen waiting for her receipt right when the shutter started to come down.

@ohbulanofficial Kak, ATM tu tak lari mana pun #ohbulan #santai #perempuan #keluarkan #duit #atm #lambat #kena #tutup ♬ original sound - OHBULAN!

Netizens are amused at the incident, with one labelling it as "Mission Impossible failed" in a reference to the famous spy movie franchise starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt.

Another netizen commented: "She could have made it, but she insisted on putting her money into her purse, wait for the receipt and scream."

In the caption accompanying the video, it is understood that the woman was eventually freed by auxilary police.

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