Woman receives Starbucks breakfast items soaked in coffee after ordering via Foodpanda

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A woman was looking forward to her breakfast order from Starbucks but was severely disappointed when she received her food items soaked in coffee.

Stomper Jinky shared with Stomp that she had ordered her breakfast via the Foodpanda app on Apr 29.

"I ordered coffee and three breakfast items - a scone, ham and cheese croissant, and a chicken foldover," she said.

"A typical Starbucks order will arrive in a Starbucks paper bag but this order came in a used red plastic bag and all the three breakfast items were soaked in coffee.

"I would have accepted a delivered status and order not delivered rather than this!"

She added that the rider could have called her to tell her there was a mishap during the journey.

"At least the blame would be put on the people who packed the food," she said.

"But this?! It's totally unacceptable!!!

"What's more, a used plastic bag with a hole!"

Foodpanda has since refunded the Stomper in full.

However, Jinky wanted to shed light on such incidents.

"They need to probably train their riders in handling such order mishaps," she said.

"These incidents will just create a lot of unsatisfactory views and comments that can impact their service quality (that is if they are concerned about it).

"I would never want to put Foodpanda on the spot but this is downright foul and screaming for service improvement.

"Please, please, please review how your riders are handling your customers' orders."