Woman receives 'half-eaten' chicken from Ayam Penyet President

Submitted by Stomper Cyra

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A woman ordered a 'giant leg' ayam penyet dish from Ayam Penyet President via Foodpanda on July 17 and was more than disappointed with the chicken that she received.

In fact, Stomper Cyra told Stomp the chicken looked like it had been 'half-eaten'.

She shared that she had spent a total of $24.80 on five items from Ayam Penyet President at Hillion Mall, including the giant leg ayam penyet which cost $10.90.

Although it is unclear if the chicken was really eaten or if it was prepared that way by the restaurant, Cyra did not receive what she had expected.

"I received a half-eaten chicken," she said.

"I contacted a Foodpanda agent and they only wanted to refund $2 instead of the full amount," she said.

"I contacted them again for a second time telling them the same thing.

"I requested for a full refund and still could not get a full refund, only refunded $12.90."