Woman pays $89 for branded shoes from FB seller, receives counterfeit goods

Submitted by Stomper L

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By the time Stomper L realised that she had fallen for a scam, the other party had absconded with her money and stopped responding to messages.

The Stomper had purchased two pairs of shoes for $89 from a store on Facebook, only to receive counterfeit items.

She said: "About two weeks ago, I ordered two pairs of Converse shoes off Facebook thinking that they were genuine because the post had lots of confirmation from the seller that the goods were authentic.

"I even messaged the store in advance to ask if the shoes were authentic. The seller also reassured me that there was a refund policy valid for seven days should there be any problem with the authenticity.

"Thinking that all these seemed pretty credible, I ordered two pairs of shoes, only to realise that I got scammed after receiving the items.

"There were loose lines on the shoe and even the iconic logo was slanted.

"I tried contacting the seller and the seller said that customer service would contact me. However, it has been over two weeks and there are still no updates.

"I hope that I can warn others not to fall into this type of scam as well. No matter what the buyer says online, don't trust it. It's not real!"

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