Woman outraged after paying $9.50 for nasi padang: 'This is getting out of hand'

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A woman was bewildered after she was charged $9.50 for a plate of nasi padang on Dec 6.

Stomper HazelRaj told Stomp she had ordered fish sambal, cockles and beansprouts and some sambal belacan from a stall at a hawker centre at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.

She had also requested coconut gravy but was given asam pedas gravy instead.

The Stomper said she believes $6 would have been a fair price to pay for her meal.

"I don't understand such charges which are not fixed, uncertain and different people are charged differently when served," she said.

"Singapore really needs to look into such stall owners, this is getting out of hand.

"At zi char stalls, we can buy mixed rice for $4 to $5, including fresh fish and vegetables.

"I don't know where I can report or if action will be taken or not.

"Malay stalls are getting out of hand with their prices.

"Authorities, kindly look into your hawker centre prices."

When asked what such stalls can do to avoid upsetting customers like herself, she suggested having a clear price list.

She added: "Have a smiling, welcome face when servicing customers and not as though we are asking for free food.

"Their face was black and rushing customers for service."