Woman orders food via Foodpanda but receives wrong order from GrabFood instead

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

A woman was at a loss after ordering a meal via Foodpanda and receiving another order from GrabFood instead.

The Stomper shared her frustrations with struggling to get Foodpanda to resolve the issue.

"My order was sent wrongly by the rider who works for both GrabFood and Foodpanda and got the orders confused," she said.

"I wrote in to Foodpanda to inform them that it was not my order and asked for the rider to come back and take it back to send to the right recipient.

"However, Foodpanda sounded like they were doubting my story and refused to take responsibility for it.

"I've also contacted GrabFood and while they were keen to support me by calling be back instantly, they were not able to help me due to their own system's limitations.

"It was frustrating that Foodpanda was unwilling to take responsibility and blamed their customer for their mistake.

"I hope for more people to be aware of this and to be extra careful when ordering food."

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