Woman orders $5 'vegan option' from Sun Plaza stall, gets 'a ball of plain and fried white rice'

Submitted by Stomper Anna

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Stomper Anna was upset that her 'vegan fried rice' from a stall at Sun Plaza's Kopitiam food court turned out to be merely 'a ball of plain and fried white rice' without any other ingredients.

She paid $5 for the meal at around 8.30pm on Dec 23.

She told Stomp: "I asked the stall if there was a vegan option (without meat and egg) for their fried rice.

"The food server said yes and charged me $5.

"In the end, the food (in photo) was served to me. It was a ball of plain and fried white rice. No vegetables - nothing.

"Not only is the food server's attitude extremely rude, he never informed that my fried rice would look like this.

Furthermore, the stall could have declined to cook the vegan fried rice if they did know how to make it. The service attitude of the staff is abhorrent and he needs to be educated on basic nutritional needs."