Woman pays $3,298 for gate with digital lock, workmen show up with it only to take it back

Submitted by Stomper Lisa

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A customer claimed My Digital Lock failed to deliver the gate she ordered and the company refused to give her a full refund.

Stomper Lisa said she ordered the gate with a digital lock at the Jurong Point outlet on March 26.

She recounted: "While I was apprehensive about placing such a large amount of $3,298, which constituted the full payment in advance, the salesperson Charles reassured me of the size and reliability of his company. He drew up a sales agreement where delivery and installation were scheduled for April 18.

"Within a week of the order, a workman showed up in order to measure out my existing gate frame prior to pre-fabrication.

"At about 10pm on April 17, Charles got in touch with me via WhatsApp to inform me that there was a problem with the glass panels of the gate and that they were defective. As a result, he advised that they would install the metal gate frame and the smart locks on April 18 as agreed with the glass panels to be fitted after three to five days.

"When two workmen showed up with a gate, they looked at my unit and stated that the gate was incorrectly fabricated.

"Having said that, they took the gate that they had brought with them and left.


"I reached out to Charles seeking an explanation and received nothing satisfactory. Charles not only refused a refund, but they have failed to uphold their part of the agreement.

"He further went on to claim that he believed that he had provided me with 'very good service'."

The Stomper shared screenshots of her WhatsApp messages with Charles.

She also posted several videos about the incident on TikTok.

@lisaa9694 A recap to the @mydigitallockjurongpoint incident. A gentle reminder to all to be very vigilant in large ticket purchases don't pay in full and make sure that there is a cancellation policy. #mydigitallocks #sgviral #sgtiktok #laminatedoor #singapore #singaporetiktok #sgscam #gate #spf #lock #singaporecourt #blacklisted #fraud #scammer #scam #sgmothership #sgnews #fyp ♬ original sound - lisa

The Stomper said she has made a police report and filed a complaint with the Consumers Association of Singapore.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.

Stomp has contacted My Digital Lock for more info.


On Monday night (May 8), the company posted a response to this article on its Facebook page.

The post said: "We have operated the digital lock business for 10 years and we never neglect any customer, every job we will try our best to complete and for tough cases, as a director, Ronn, I will try my best to understand and settle our customers' problem.

"For this case, our gate had issue to install as the original door frame is slanted and the glass broke while transport to this customer's house.

"Therefore we had to bring it back to the factory to edit and change the glass.

"However the customer insisted we complete the job by that day, otherwise she wanted a full refund. She took the video and detained our installers.

"Everyone earns a living, including myself. I respect every human being regardless of their nationality.

"Everyone makes mistakes, and to carry a gate to install is not an easy task, every gate needs to wield, polish, spray and carry to the customer's place to install.

"As for Charles, he's only a student who works for us as a part-timer.

"The installers and sales have been terrified by her, hence Roger and I have PM her Facebook, but she didn't reply and threatened to post on social media and small claims us.

"We have informed we cannot full refund because the gate is already produced, all doors and gates need to be manufactured and altered based on the condition.

"Charles has informed her to less a $50 discount to complete the job or deduct $400 material fee.

"We face door and gate problems every day, but we will work with customers to complete them because all of them are handmade products and every door frame is different.

"I know she is the customer and the customer is always right.

"Since she rejected our offer, refused to reply to Roger and me, and insisted to go small claims court.

"That's why we will let the judge decide."