Woman on wheelchair pays ex-DJ $130k for 'qigong' sessions, says still no improvement after 1 year

After falling down and injuring her knee, a woman sought the help of an ex-DJ for his ‘qigong’ rehabilitation services but said that her condition has not improved even after paying him more than $130,000.

The ex-Dj, Mr Wang Di Cong, in turn, accused the woman of harassment, claiming to have received more than 2000 SMS messages cursing him and his family in just three months.

Mr Wang has already called the police five times regarding the incident.

Madam Xu, 76, told Lianhe Wanbao that since she suffered a fracture on her left knee during a fall in December 2015, she has to depend on a wheelchair for mobility. 

She said:

“After that, I heard from others that Mr Wang knows ‘qigong’ and has been providing rehabilitation services for people after quitting his job as a DJ. 

“I thought that he always had a good reputation and sounded quite formidable with his skills so I asked a friend to refer him to his services in May 2016.”

Madam also revealed that she would go to his condominium apartment for a two-hour session every day, and each week, she would pay him $4600. 

Said the woman:

“I asked him how long would it take for me to be able to walk again, but he wouldn’t give me a definite date.

“After more than one year and $130,000 spent on the sessions, there was no visible improvement, so I decided to stop the sessions. 

“I have turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) instead.”

Reporters spokes to Mr Wang later and he told them that he had stressed to her repeatedly that he was only able to help her strengthen her body, and never once promised her that she would be able to walk again.

He said:

“I help to guide my patients and train their mind and body. I taught Madam Xu some hand and leg stretching exercises.

“I also supported her as she walked around the parameters of the swimming pool. 

“She has shown improvements over the year, and has recovered to the point that she is now able to walk with assistance.”

Mr Wang revealed that he and Madam Xu had a sudden falling out in December 2017, and started sending him defamatory messages. 

He said that he had tried repeatedly to explain himself and alleviate the situation, but she could not be pacified. 

“She sent me more than 2000 SMS messages to me within three months. If she was just cursing me, I would have been able to put up with it.

“However, she started bringing my family into the picture and scolding them as well. I could not tolerate it anymore. 

“I also fear for the safety of my family and have called the police five times regarding this.”

Mr Wang said that he intends to move on from the matter, but if Madam Xu continues to harass his family, he will consider taking legal action. 

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