Woman offers $600 reward for lost engagement ring that fiance spent his savings on

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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Stomper Anon is looking for a customised engagement ring that her fiance purchased using all his savings and then proposed to her with.

The ring slipped from her finger yesterday morning (Dec 7) at around 8.30am, in one-north near the Mediacorp building.

Anon said she decided to share her story after reading about how Stomp previously helped couples to find their lost engagement rings.

The Stomper is offering a $600 reward to anyone who finds her ring.

She said: "My fiancé just proposed to me with the ring, which he spent all his savings on, less than two months ago. It would mean very much for us to find it.

"A police report has been lodged with the tracking number."

If you have any information regarding the ring, kindly contact us at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.

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