Woman offering $300 reward for Chanel wallet lost at Capital Zouk -- plus $300 cash inside

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A Stomper is looking for her black Chanel wallet which she last saw at Capital Zouk Singapore along River Valley Road on Oct 4 at about 2am.

In a phone interview with Stomp, she said the wallet contained about $300 in cash, her Identity Card (IC), credit cards and a name card belonging to her father.

"I remember taking out my wallet to pay at the bar," she said.

"I then put it back in my jacket, but 15 minutes later, it was gone.

"I think someone either took it from my jacket or it fell out."

She alerted the bouncers who were working at the time and they immediately conducted a search of the area, but could not find the missing wallet.

Her wallet is black in colour and is in brand new condition, as she had only purchased it a month earlier.

"I will be offering a $300 reward for the return of my wallet, on top of the $300 cash that was inside at the time it went missing," she added.

The police have confirmed that a report was lodged.

If you have any information about the wallet, kindly contact us at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.