Woman obstructs traffic with 'brainless' parking at Woodlands petrol kiosk

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A woman obstructed traffic flow and kept other drivers waiting by parking thoughtlessly at a petrol kiosk in Woodlands.

A Stomper shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred at Woodlands Avenue 1 on Tuesday (Aug 31), at around 3.30pm.

The Stomper said: "This is a busy petrol kiosk.

"This lady driver is simply brainless in her parking. She was already parked there before I reached the kiosk and I waited six minutes for her to move.

"No one would blame her if she parked at the pumping lot if she needed to do her grocery shopping. But she chose to park right in front of the main glass door and obstructed the common flow of traffic.

"And she still thinks she is right to park there as she is a consumer!

"Her selfish act led to a massive jam behind."