Woman makes hand gesture at driver after squeezing into lane -- in front of kids

Submitted by Stomper Gan

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A driver made a hand gesture at Stomper Gan in the presence of both their children, after 'squeezing' into her lane at about 7.26am yesterday (May 10), near Nanyang Primary School.

Gan was sending her son to school when she said she was "provoked" by this "rude" gesture, with her son in the front seat.

Gan said: "Traffic was already moving and the car in front of me stopped ahead to avoid a cyclist.

"The lady driver from the side road then seized the opportunity to squeeze out onto my lane, forcing me to stop in the middle of a yellow box.

"Instead of thanking me for letting her go first, she made a hand gesture at me.

"Her daughter who was in her car and my son from the same school also saw what she did. 

"Can’t she be more gracious?

"We are there for the same purpose - to drop our kids safely and happily at school. Is there a need to behave this way?

"That is a very bad example, at least for my kid who spotted her doing that."