Woman looking for man who helped family during difficult times almost 30 years ago

Submitted by Stomper Yves

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Stomper Yves's mother, Mdm Xie Li Qin (謝丽琴), is looking for a Mr Chan Chee Wing who used to work as a senior training officer at the Heavy Duty Diesel Department of the Bukit Merah Vocational Institute. 

Mdm Xie had told Yves since she was young that the family was indebted to Mr Chan for helping them out during difficult times about thirty years ago, in 1987. 

However, the two lost touch later on.

Throughout the decades after that, she held onto hope that she would meet him again. 

According to Yves, although her mother did chance upon Mr Chan many years later, they did not get to talk.

Gradually Mdm Xie gave up looking altogether. 

Even though she had a name card, the contact details were outdated.

Said Yves:

"I hope to find Mr Chan, because he left a deep impact on our lives.

"My mother talked about him a few time, saying how he went the extra mile to help us despite not having been friends or relatives.

"My mother is really old now and I hope to find him for her."

If you are or know Mr Chan, kindly email Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.