Woman looking for lost Xperia phone last seen as stationary in Boon Lay on Find My Device app

Submitted by Stomper Sakura

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Stomper Sakura is looking for her Sony Xperia XZ1 phone which she realised went missing after she alighted a bus along Boon Lay Place in front of Boon Lay Shopping Centre at about 6pm on Oct 1.

When she checked the location of her phone on the Find My Device app at about 6.20pm, the indicator showing the location of her phone was stationary and showed that it was outside a hair salon at Boon Lay Shopping Centre.

"I think somebody might have found it and turned off the location settings on the phone," she added.

In a phone interview with Stomp, she said that when she alighted the bus, her phone was in her bag.

When she checked her bag again after walking up an escalator to the second floor, she found it to be missing.

"When I alighted the bus, I walked past a walkway and took an escalator up to the second floor of Boon Lay Shopping Centre," she said.

"I then walked past NTUC and a LAN gaming shop.

"Immediately afterwards, when I checked my bag again, I found that my phone was not in my bag anymore.

Her phone is pink in colour and has a clear plastic casing with a black ring holder on its back. It also has a cracked screen.

"I think it might have been stolen," she told Stomp.

"I am seeking help if anyone has seen or witnessed the phone being taken around that area, and if anyone had seen it being sold at a shop."

If you have seen or have any information regarding the lost phone, kindly email Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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