Woman looking for long-lost friend that she lost touch with in 1989

Submitted by Stomper Tony

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A woman is searching for her long-lost friend whom she lost touch with in 1989.

Stomper Tony alerted Stomp to an appeal posted by Facebook user Sherine Ong, who hopes to reconnect with her beloved friend with the help of social media.

Tony said that his colleague Sherine, who is from Penang, lost touch with Ms Jennie Low and wants to know how her friend is doing now.

The Stomper explained: "They were about 23 years old when Sherine went back to Penang. At that time, they only communicated through letters.

"But after moving house and marriage, they lost touch.

"Sherine now wishes to get in touch with Jennie and wants to know if she is doing okay. She misses those days when they were together having fun.

"Sherine's son is grown up now and she wishes to seek out her old friend and rejoice while everyone is still healthy."

In her post, Sherine also said: "I hope Facebook can connect us.

"Hopefully, my dear friends from Singapore can help share this. I need social media's power to help me find a lost friend."

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