Woman looking for jade necklace worth $30k misplaced at Orchard Rd beauty salon

A woman is looking for a jade necklace worth S$30,000 she misplaced during a visit to a beauty salon at Orchard Road, on Jun 15, 2017.

The 56-year-old woman said that she did not realise that the necklace was missing until the following day (Jun 16), reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao

She told reporters that on Jun 15, she had visited a beauty salon along Orchard Road.

At the salon, she had changed into a bathrobe, placing the necklace in its pocket.

After her facial treatment was completed about two hours later, she changed out of the bathrobe and went home, having forgotten about the necklace in the pocket.

The next day, she realised that her necklace was missing.

She immediately contacted the salon but was told that the bathrobe had been sent to a laundry shop for cleaning. 

A spokesman for the beauty salon told her that they had contacted the laundry shop, but could not find the necklace.

When the woman tried inquiring the address of the laundry shop, the beauty salon refused to disclose the information.

She subsequently lodged a police report on Jun 16.

The woman revealed that the necklace was a Grade A jade Buddha necklace which her husband had bought her six years ago from Hong Kong, as a Mother’s Day present. 

She did not know its value until her husband exclaimed, ‘that necklace costs S$30,000!’, after she told him about the loss. 

Said the woman:

“When he (my husband) gave me the necklace, he didn’t mention the price.”

According to her, the jade Buddha is also decorated with eight diamonds. 

When reporters contacted the beauty salon, an employee said that the salon had been working with the laundry shop for over 10 years, and the case is being handled by the police.

A laundry shop employee told reporters the shop would collect soiled towels and bathrobes from the salon  at around 9am every day, while delivering laundry which had been collected and cleaned the day before.