Woman looking for gold diamond bangle lost at f.Club: It was a gift from grandma

Submitted by Stomper Sapanna

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Stomper Sapanna lost her gold bangle, which has a row of diamonds encrusted in it, at f.Club in the wee hours of Dec 7.

She is desperately looking for the accessory as it was a sentimental gift from her grandmother and she wishes to find it before leaving Singapore permanently on Dec 12.

Sapanna told Stomp that she was wearing the bangle on her wrist and carrying a blue cloth bag, only to find both items missing afterwards, though she is unsure how that happened.

"Photos that I took on my phone indicate that I still had the items at 2.35am. However, they were gone without me knowing at 3.59am.

"I believe that they were stolen," she added.

The Stomper returned to f.Club later at night to search for her bangle, but to no avail.

A police report has been made.

If you have any info about the bangle, please contact us at stomp@stomp.com.sg or via Whatsapp at (+65) 9384 3761.

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