Woman looking for dog that went MIA in 2016 after being given up for adoption

Submitted by Stomper Sumana

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Stomper Sumana is looking for a missing dog named Chuck, who went missing in March 2016 at Peach Garden near Meyer Road.

The canine was adopted by an expatriate family in 2014, who in 2016 said they were migrating to the United Kingdom with Chuck.

However, Sumana has not heard from the family or Chuck ever since. She also has reason to believe that the dog is still in Singapore.

Check out Sumana's Facebook post for her account of what happened.

Here is a description of Chuck:

Breed: Local Cross (Singapore Special) 
Age: About 4 years old this year
Gender: Male 
Colour: Brown
Sterilise: Yes 
Microchip: Yes

Chuck's distinguishable features include a "slightly frowning forehead" and "ears that are both folded but not that balanced".

Described as friendly and obedient, Chuck responds to his name, is responsive to food and confident around humans.

Said the Stomper: "Chuck may still be around Peach Garden since he stayed there for about 1.5 years, Katong dog park, Bedok Reservoir, Pasir Ris, the east side or even anywhere in Singapore too. 

"If you see Chuck, know his whereabouts or know anyone helping to hold on to Chuck (or a lookalike), please do not hesitate to contact us."

If you have any information regarding the missing dog, kindly email us at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.