Woman looking for BFF whom she lost touch with after car accident in 2004

Submitted by Stomper Milo

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Stomper Milo's mother is hoping to reunite with her long-lost best friend, Anna, whom she lost contact with after getting into a car accident in Yishun in 2004.

Milo told Stomp that his 56-year-old mother has been asking him to help her find Anna for the past few years but it was only recently when he was clearing out their storeroom that he stumbled upon an old photo of his mother's friend.

"Up until my mother's car accident, they were very close and would meet up almost every day to chill or to sing together," said Milo.

"However, after the accident, they lost contact completely.

"I don't think she even knew what happened to my mum."

Milo said that the accident had left his mum partially-paralysed and that she cannot move her left arm.

"She was left very weak and can walk slowly with the aid of a walking stick," he said.

"When we go out, she uses a wheelchair."

Following the accident, Milo tried looking for his mother's old phone book with Anna's number in it but to no avail.

He vaguely remembers Anna himself from visiting her home in Marsiling when he was a child.

He also recalled her son's name: Guo Hui aka Ah Bee.

Milo hopes that he can find Anna on behalf of his mum through Stomp.

"My mother just wants Anna to come visit her," he said.

"She misses her very much."

If you know Anna, kindly contact Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.