Woman lets kid run in middle of the road, shows 'bochup attitude' when driver honks

A woman let a young child run around in the middle of the road instead of making sure that the latter kept to the pedestrian crossing, and displayed a nonchalant attitude throughout.

A video of the incident, which occurred along Admiralty Drive yesterday (March 1) at around 6pm, was posted online by ROADS.sg.

The clip was credited to a user known as 'Shuxian', who said: "Saw this small kid running along road in front of my car.

"I honked (no audio cos I disabled the function) but the lady just stared at me. I'm angry at the bochup attitude of this lady.

"Hope the video can remind people not to take road safety for granted."

(story continues below video)

In the video, the woman can be seen crossing the road while the girl ran across, outside of the demarcated area which has been marked with parallel dotted lines.

The girl then ran towards the woman and crossed the road with her.

'Shuxian' added that the woman gave her a "death stare all the way till the other side" after being honked at.