Woman injured by glass door that 'shattered for no reason' at Jade Residences condo

Submitted by Stomper Le

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Stomper Le’s boyfriend’s mother sustained cuts on her legs and left wrist after a tempered glass door shattered and fell in Le's rented condominium apartment on Tuesday (April 10) at around 10am.

Le, who had been renting the apartment at Jade Residences since August 2017, told Stomp that she had been working from home on Tuesday morning when she heard a loud bang from the bathroom. 

Her boyfriend’s mother, who was visiting from Kuala Lumpur, had decided to lodge with her during her trip.

Le rushed to the bathroom.

To her horror, there were glass shards and traces of blood on the floor.

Le’s boyfriend’s mother told Le that she had just finished showering and was about to get out of the bathroom.

When she pushed the door, it suddenly shattered, raining glass shards on her.

Fortunately, they had a wheelchair in the apartment. 

Le quickly brought her boyfriend’s mother out of the bathroom using the wheelchair.

She then brought the woman to Mount Alvernia Hospital to seek treatment.

In the meantime, Le quickly informed the condominium’s operational team and her landlord about the accident.

Said Le: "I dropped them an email and was told that the team is not responsible for the furniture inside the apartment, only the common areas, and shared commodities.

"I also asked them in the email if they could send a cleaner to my house to clean up the glass shards.

"I told them that I'll pay for the services."

Le said that the team gave her a call at the hospital but she did not manage to pick it up.

Her boyfriend and another hired aid helped to clean up the shards on the night.

According to Le, the glass door’s warranty had just expired in February 2018, but she did not expect the matter to be so serious. 

She added: "We are depressed and worried as this should not have happened. Tempered glass isn’t just supposed to shatter like this.

"This could have caused serious injuries. What if I wasn’t home at that time?

"This did not happen by chance. I think something was wrong with the glass or the installation."

In response to a Stomp query, a Jade Residences spokesman said that the condo's operation team is not responsible for the items in the apartment.

He added that however, the team is assisting the occupant with the matter.