Shanghai woman escapes unscathed after being sandwiched in between train and platform doors

A woman in Shanghai was sandwiched in between a train that was leaving a station and the platform safety doors on Wednesday morning (Apr 25).

She tried forcing her way through to board the train since she was late for work, reported the South China Morning Post

She made it through the platform safety doors but did not manage to get into the cabin.

As such, she found herself in a crisis of being trapped by two sets of doors, which she overcame by standing still while the train departed. 

The woman did not suffer any injuries. 

Local authorities are hence investigating how the passenger managed to pry the platform safety doors open.

These doors are said to contain sensors that alert operators to stop the train if the barricade is breached. The safety doors can also be opened manually by the station staff if they were to be jammed.

A 33-year-old woman in Beijing died after she was hauled onto train tracks because her presence went undetected by both sets of doors. The train departed from the station despite frantic attempts from the other passengers to signal the driver. 

Click below to watch the clip that has since gone viral.