Woman in Malaysia tells autistic son arrested for molest: 'You're in a police movie'

Hasnah Abdul Rahman spoke up about her autistic son’s arrest for allegedly molesting a woman by touching her chest in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Her 22-year-old son, Ahmad Ziqri Morshidi, was arrested and locked up on Sep 11, which also happened to be his birthday.

Mdm Hasnah said at that time: “I still didn’t know they were going to lock him up. I didn’t believe that, and I pleaded with them.”

She posted her feelings on her son being locked up on Facebook on Sep 12, at 3.42am saying: ”I can't bear to think of what is going on in my poor son's head as he has the mental capacity of a 13-year-old.”

To explain to Ahmad what was happening and to prevent him from thinking he was going to jail, she brought up a movie about a special police unit.

“The thing that I thought was he loves ‘Gerak Khas’, so I told him you are in a ‘Gerak Khas’ movie.” she told The Star TV.

On Sep 12, Hasnah met Ahmad in court and the application for him to be remanded was rejected.

She has provided her statement to the police and it is up to the prosecutor to decide whether Ahmad Ziqri should be charged in court.

Many netizens have come online to sign a petition on this matter.  

Facebook: Hasnah Abd Rahman

Hasnah does not blame the complainant or the police, but feels that the legal system should be more equipped to handle people with special needs.

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