Woman in Malaysia blackmailed by ex whom she's never met -- over her teenaged nude photos

A woman in Malaysia has been sending her boyfriend hundreds of her nude pictures ever since she was 14 years old.

According to The Star, the boyfriend is seven years older than her and she has never met him in person.

Now 20, the woman is worried that six years' worth of nude photos may be exposed after she decided to end the relationship.

"I met him on Facebook in early 2012 and we became close and chatted online a lot," she said at a press conference on July 2.

"He wanted to have sex with me early on but I was scared, so I did not meet him."

However, the woman relented after sex months and sent him lewd photos of herself.

Despite wanting to break up in 2013, she feared doing so as the man threatened to release the pictures to her family and on the Internet.

"I was so afraid and traumatised – I even tried to commit suicide.

"I finally broke it off with him at the end of 2017, but I am scared as he kept harassing me," added the woman, who has made a police report.

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