Woman in China gives relentless suitor $203k -- to stop wooing her

Lee, a woman from Beijing, China, allegedly gave her suitor RMB1,000,000 (S$203,000)-- to stop him from wooing her.

The woman and her suitor, Kang, were apparently childhood friends and he had pursued her for more than 10 years, reports World of Buzz.

Despite Kang being deeply in love with Lee, she did not reciprocate his feelings but he held onto the hope that someday, his sincerity would move her.

Kang would ask Lee on dates and even when rejected, would wait at her office with a bouquet of roses.

Despite his best efforts, Lee merely thought of his gestures as harassment. 

Lee complained that Kang’s reckless approach had caused many suitors to back off, leaving her bitter.

Kang also tried reading a love letter to her in public, but got slapped by Lee instead.

Finally, at the end of her ropes, Lee offered Kang a million yuan, on the condition he signed a contract, stating that he would stay away from her.

Kang, under a careful consideration, signed the papers and ultimately changed his mind, tearing up the contract, causing Lee to cry in frustration.

Lee then lodged a police report and finally, Kang swore in front of officers that he would not harass Lee anymore.

He also apologised for his actions, but added that he would never give up on her, and will love her in his own way.

His earnest speech earned him two tight slaps from Lee afterwards.