Woman in China gets hit by car -- then gets run over by SUV after passersby ignores her

A shocking video circulating online shows a woman in China getting hit by a car before getting run over by an SUV after passersby ignored her.

In the video posted on Shanghaiist, the woman can be first seen crossing the road at a zebra crossing.

She came to a halt in the middle of the road as cars did not stop to give way to her.

The unlucky woman was then hit by a taxi and fell onto the road.

She lay motionless for more than a minute as passersby crossed the road without stopping to offer assistance.

Motorists too nonchalantly drove past, not stopping to render aid.

One oblivious driver then ran over her with an SUV. The woman rolled under the car and lay face down on the road throughout the remainder of the video.

It is unclear what happened thereafter.