Woman horrified by toilet bowl 'choked to the brim' at Eastpoint Mall

Submitted by Stomper Libertatis Amator

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Stomper Libertatis Amator was at Eastpoint Mall at about 1.35pm last Friday (Jul 6) when she saw a "horrifying" toilet bowl.

She was having a meal with her family when she decided to visit the washroom on the first level of the mall.

She said: "I noticed that one of the toilet cubicles was unoccupied and decided to check it out.

"Much to my horror, I noticed that the cubicle had toilet paper strewn all over the floor and even the toilet bowl was choked full with toilet paper to the brim. It's not an exaggeration.

"While I was taking in this scene I couldn't help but think of the poor cleaner who would have to tackle such a literal mountainous task of clearing the mess someone else created.

"Whoever who did this, kindly spare a thought for others who are going to use the toilet and also the people who have to clean up after your mess.

"You are not only being inconsiderate but also selfish. The trees who have sacrificed their lives for our toilet papers should not be forgotten too.

"Let us work together to make Singapore a cleaner and better place for everyone."