Woman hoping to locate long-lost father for Chinese New Year reunion

Submitted by Stomper Mei San

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Stomper Mei San is seeking to reunite her mother-in-law, and her father, Mr Lim Heng Lian, this coming Chinese New Year. 

The two have not been in touch for many years ever since she moved to Muar, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

She told Mei San that his last known address was on Owen Road. 

According to Mei San’s mother-in-law, Ms Lim, her father also operated an eatery, although she is unclear if it’s still in operation. 

Said Mei San:

“I do really really hope you could help to spread the news around as Chinese New Year is coming and they want to have a reunion together. 

“Just note he is not missing. He just lost contact with his biological relatives.

“We have no photos of him.

“The only information I have are his name and that he lives on Owen Road.“

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