Woman hits girl for trying to befriend child at Jurong West Public Library

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A video of a woman hitting a girl in a library started circulating on social media last week.

According to a Stomper who shared the video with Stomp, the incident took place on Nov 2 at Jurong West Public Library.

The video, which has since been removed by the original uploader, shows two young girls playing by a bookshelf.

The woman then approached the two kids and can be seen smacking the taller girl. The sound of her blow is also heard.

According to both the Stomper and video uploader, the woman was a domestic helper, though Stomp cannot confirm this.

She had apparently smacked the taller girl for trying to befriend the other child, whom she was accompanying.

The Stomper, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote: "The girl had run up to a smaller child, maybe to be friends with her. But her maid came rushing up quickly and slapped the girl telling her, 'Don't touch her!'"

What do you think of the woman's actions? Do you think she should be hitting the child just because the child was trying to be friendly with another kid?