Woman hits 9-year-old nephew, burns him with lighter and dangles him out of 3rd-floor window

Upset that she was spotted by her nephew while using drugs, a woman beat the child and even dangled him from the windows of a 3rd-floor unit. 

The incident happened on Feb 4, 2017, and the 39-year-old woman was charged in court on Monday (Jan 22), reports Lianhe Wanbao.

She pleaded guilty to one count of child intimidation and abuse and was sentenced to 10 months’ jail.

The court also noted that she had just entered a drug rehabilitation centre, and was scheduled to be released the next month.

Her sentence would start from the day which she was charged, on Sep 22, 2017. 

The victim, a primary 4 student was living with his aunt at the time of the incident.

Both his parents are in jail due to drug offences. 

On Feb 3, 2017, the boy saw the woman heating up a white powder and inhaling the resulting vapour. 

Afraid that he would be beaten, he ran out of the house. 

The accused managed to find the boy just after midnight and brought him back to the house.

Enraged, she made him kneeled at the door, while she continued to use the white powdery substance. 

After that, she approached the boy and threatened to throw him down from the 3rd-floor unit. 

She carried him into the kitchen, grabbed both his legs and dangled the boy outside the window.

At the time, his upper body was completely out of the window. 

Afraid that she would let go, the boy held tightly to the laundry rack, and pleaded with the accused not to loosen her grip. 

The accused later pulled him in. 

However, she then hit the boy on his head with an aluminium laundry pole and a bamboo scratcher.

She also slapped his elbow and left foot, while using a gas lighter to burn him.

After the incident, the boy’s teacher discovered the wounds on the boy and asked him how he had gotten them.

The truth was finally revealed when the boy told her. 

According to a medical report, the boy suffered bruises on many parts of his body.

He also bore scars on his head and neck. 

During the mitigation plea, the accused’s lawyer said that the accused was deeply remorseful for her actions, and know that she must keep her emotions in check.

The lawyer also said that the boy had been naughty and left the house, only for him to be brought to a police station by a passerby.

The lawyer also added that the accused has seven children and was with three of her children during the time of the incident. 

As her husband was working, she had to look after the children and the house on her own. 

The lawyer also cited that two months before the incident, the accused had just given birth.

The toil of caring for her children and the boy caused her to experience tremendous stress.