Woman has buyer's remorse after paying $180 for 'better' replacement iPhone display in Boon Lay shop

Submitted by Stomper Jesline

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Caveat emptor.

A woman has buyer's remorse after paying $180 for what she thought was the "better replacement" for her cracked iPhone display.

Stomper Jesline said that it happened to a friend of hers who had an "unpleasant experience with an errant, unscrupulous mobile phone retailer" in Boon Lay Shopping Centre.

The Stomper recounted: "My buddy had patronised the shop on Aug 4 to repair her mobile phone's cracked LCD and was quoted a normal replacement for $130 or a better replacement for $180. She chose the better one.

"On the same day, upon reaching home, she started to notice the quality of the LCD screen did not fit the description of a better display as the sensitivity and colour of the screen started to get from bad to worse."

Jesline shared with Stomp a photo of what the screen looked like.

The Stomper continued: "My buddy finally managed to make time to go back to the shop on Aug 9 as she lived far away. The shopkeeper not only did not attempt to rectify the issue but dissed her and chased her away.

"My buddy had no choice but to find another mobile shop, where the repair man observed that her screen was replaced with one of inferior quality or likely a refurbished part from an old phone.

"I wish to share about this kind of rogue sales-tactic retailer in hopes of warning people against ending up with buyer's remorse just like my buddy."