Woman gives out necessities to migrant workers by visiting construction sites island-wide

Submitted by Stomper Snowbell

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When was the last time you showed your appreciation to someone?

To express her gratitude towards migrant workers, Stomper Snowbell has been visiting construction sites around Singapore to give out necessities such as KN95 masks and bottled mineral water.

Snowbell shared:

"Migrant workers: The people we don’t even give a second look when we walk past them.

"Foreign workers in the construction industry make up around 5% of the population in Singapore. Singapore's construction sector relies heavily on migrant labour, the majority of which comes from neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar.

"Many of them experience several challenges in Singapore, including harsh working and living conditions, discrimination, as well as health risks.

"These migrant workers are often taken for granted and today, I want to write that about how little gestures like showing appreciation can make someone’s day. Happiness comes in the form of ripples; spread happiness and someone else will spread it forward.


"I’ve been doing this for the past four years. Although I do not do this on a regular basis, I try to allocate some time every quarterly when I have a lighter workload and more time to myself.

"A few days before the actual giveaway, I will prepare the supplies and look out for a place that's ideal and safe for my vehicle to be stationary without obstructing traffic.

"Usually, the event will take around one full day, which includes the collection and loading up of supplies.


"Long ago, when I still took the public transport, I noticed that foreign workers (construction) do not dare to sit even on empty seats.

"I’m guessing that they are afraid to stain the seats and also, they think that Singaporeans deserve the seats more.

"And after a full day at work, on the way back home, they are always on video with their families. It saddens me that they have to be separated from their loved ones just to provide for their family.

"Now that I’m driving, I observed that whenever they are crossing pedestrian crossings or even on roads with traffic lights, they’re always running even though the traffic light just turned green. They do not want us to wait.

"All these little gestures, which most of us think nothing of, warm my heart and ascertain the fact that I need to do something for them. What I do for them is nothing fanciful or proud to be boastful about, but solely to show appreciation for them.

"And today, I would like to document down this delightful event on August 5 with pictures of their smiles which reflect nothing but only kindness and gratitude."

Snowbell said that sometimes she visits up to more than 10 locations in one day.

She told Stomp: "These pictures were all taken at different locations. I just drive and as long I see construction sites, I find a place to pull over.

"I hope more of us will appreciate what these foreign workers have done for our nation in silence. And the next time you walk past them, just smile to them or even give a simple gesture like a thumbs-up.

"Together, we make Singapore a better place to live in. We Singaporeans have a heart of gold."

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