Woman gets call from stranger impersonating colleague who shares how BF cheated, got her pregnant

Submitted by Stomper Debbie

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Stomper Debbie received a call at 6.18pm on Monday (May 21) from an imposter pretending to be her colleague.

The stranger claimed that she was two months pregnant and told Debbie that her boyfriend had cheated on her. 

Debbie who works at a beauty salon branch told Stomp that the stranger first called one of the branch outlets at the SingPost Centre at about 5pm on the same day.

Debbie’s colleague, Joey, answered the call.

The stranger reportedly asked to speak to the manager of the outlet, and J replied that manager was not in, but gave her the number to another outlet in Orchard where Debbie was at. 

Before hanging up, the stranger asked for Joey’s name and she gave it to her. 

At about 6.18pm, the stranger allegedly called office line at the Orchard outlet and another of Debbie’s colleague, Chanel, picked up the call. 

According to Debbie, the stranger was sobbing and told C that she was Joey.

She told Chanel that she was looking for the manager but had ‘forgotten’ her name.

Thinking that it was one of her colleague from another outlet, Chanel passed the call to Debbie. 

As soon as the Debbie answered the call, the stranger complained that it was noisy on Debbie’s end, and requested that she call her back on her personal phone.

She also gave Debbie a different contact number to call her back by.

Said Debbie: "She sounded strange also I thought it was weird, but she told me that she was unwell so her voice sounded different from usual."

Debbie called the number and the stranger picked up. 

Noticing that she was sobbing, Debbie asked her if something had happened to her family. 

The stranger replied that she had a quarrel with her boyfriend and that he had asked for a breakup.

Debbie tried to calm her down and prodded her for more details.

She told Debbie that she found 'them' at home, referring to her boyfriend and the girl he was seeing.

The stranger also revealed that she was already two months pregnant and at a dilemma — whether she should abort the baby or keep it.

Debbie started getting suspicious, as she knew that Joey did not have a boyfriend.

She then asked the stranger who her boyfriend was.

The stranger refused to give a direct answer and skirted around the issue, telling Debbie that she had seen him before.

When Debbie told her that she could not recall seeing the guy, the stranger said that Debbie must have seen him when he came over to fetch her from work. 

However, Debbie was positive that she has never met the person. 

At this point, Debbie asked the stranger if she was indeed Joey, to which the stranger replied that she was. 

She later hung up on Debbie.

When Debbie tried calling the contact number again, the stranger did not pick up the call. 

Debbie also contacted Joey on her phone and confirmed that she did not make the call earlier.

Debbie said: "I have no idea why this person called.

"Was she trying to ask for money from me with her abortion stories or trying to hack my phone by pulling out data during the conversation?

"Whatever the reason, I wish to warn the public. 

"These may happen to everyone besides us.

"Everyone should be more careful and cautious when they are answering any calls from an unknown number.”

The following morning (May 22), Debbie lodged a police report online. 

Asked what made her record the call, Debbie said that she had installed an app on her phone which automatically records all of her calls. 

In response to a Stomp query, a police spokesman confirmed that a report was lodged.